Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology


Technology is a group of methods, skills, processes, techniques and tools used to produce desired products or solve problems. It also includes the raw materials and resources that are required to develop or use these tools.

Advantages of Technology:

Increases production and efficiency: Businesses benefit from technological advancements because they allow them to automate many of their day-to-day operations, such as accounting software or temperature sensors in a bakery. They also improve the flow of information within an organization by establishing internal networks and using remote data storage facilities.

Improves coordination: With the help of technology, businesses are able to connect workers from all over the world and collaborate on projects together, increasing productivity. For example, a worker in a sales department can instantly connect with a team member in an engineering or finance department via the internet and get instant feedback on a project.

Encourages creativity: With technology, people have more ways to express their creative ideas and make them a reality. Whether it’s using Pinterest to create a mood board or booking a collaborative space online, technology facilitates a natural inclination toward creativity.

Negatives of Technology:

There are many disadvantages to technology, such as the decline of human capital and the ability of machines to replace man. However, if the technology is properly implemented and applied to society, it can be a powerful tool for advancing our society.