Healthy Relationships


Having close relationships can have noticeable benefits to your mental health and physical well-being. Some of these benefits include greater resilience, improved ability to manage stress, and longer life. While everyone is unique and may prefer different amounts of closeness in their relationships, researchers believe that the key to a healthy relationship is good communication, honesty, and respect.

Relationships involve sharing feelings, emotions, finances, and thoughts, but that’s not all. You also share activities and experiences that strengthen your bond. Some activities, such as spending quality time together, help you better know your partner and appreciate them. You may even share a hobby or a pastime that brings a sense of excitement to your relationship.

While love is the most important factor in a relationship, you can also reinforce your connection through acts of kindness, such as showering your partner with little gifts or staying in touch during the day if you’re apart. Keeping up with your partner’s needs and maintaining a positive attitude can also help keep your relationship strong.

When your relationship is healthy, it feels like an extension of you. It should be mutual and allow you to maintain your separate identities without feeling smothered or overwhelmed. It’s also important that you respect each other, even during disagreements. In fact, conflict can be a good thing, as long as you’re both working toward the same goal of strengthening your relationship.