How Automobiles Have Changed America

Automobiles are wheeled vehicles that use a motor to drive them. They can run on gas, diesel, electric, or fuel cells.

ACCESS TO FREEDOM AND MORE TIME: A car allows people to travel to places that are not accessible by public transportation. It also makes it easier to connect with friends and family members.

SAFETY: A car’s brake system uses a controlled force to slow the vehicle or stop it in case of emergency. A brake may apply to each of the vehicle’s wheels or it may control all four wheels simultaneously.

A car’s engine is usually a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine that is water-cooled. In some cases, an air-cooled engine is used.

The design of an automobile depends on its intended purpose, such as off-road or high-speed road use. Off-road vehicles often require more durable, simple systems that are resistant to severe overloads and extreme operating conditions; high-speed road products require increased passenger comfort options, better engine performance, optimized high-speed handling, and higher stability.


The invention of the automobile changed America in many ways, including increasing the middle class and creating jobs. It also helped to build a stronger economy and connect people in ways that were never possible before.