How to Write Newsworthy Articles


News is information about recent events or happenings, as reported by newspapers, websites, radio, and television.

In order to write a good news article, it is important that you have adequate knowledge of the topic you are writing about. This means you have to research your subject thoroughly, so that you can provide readers with accurate information and a well-structured story.

The news value of a story is determined by the following elements:

Headline (or Introduction)

In order for your headline to be effective, it should grab the reader’s attention and create curiosity. It should also be creative and catchy, evoking emotion or creating an interest in the news topic.

Primary Facts

In a news story, the main facts are presented first, followed by additional information. This is called the “inverted pyramid structure.”

Secondary sources

A news story often includes interviews with people who have unique perspectives on the topic you are writing about. These might be experts who can offer technical commentary or analysis, or everyday people who are affected by the news topic.

Once you’ve gathered all of your primary and secondary information, it’s time to write the article. Start by drafting an outline, keeping the inverted-pyramid structure in mind.