Legal Issues to Watch in 2020


Legal issues can arise from a wide variety of circumstances. They can be related to family or housing problems, financial issues, or even sudden events. The key to addressing them is to seek legal advice.

In 2020, immigration and healthcare are the two biggest legal issues to watch. These are just a few of the many controversial social issues that are sure to be in the spotlight.

As a result, many advocates are looking for new ways to address these issues. For example, some employers are now using statistics to create diversity initiatives.

Another issue that is likely to surface in 2022 is whistleblower claims against health care providers. This is in part due to the rise of claims related to COVID-19, which requires hospitals and other health care facilities to identify and address workplace diversity.

It is also important to note that certain places of entertainment must provide disability access. In addition, there are specific rules about how employers treat employees who report unsafe practices.

The federal government has also expanded the use of statistics in the health care industry. The FTC is examining non-price factors that can affect health care price increases.

In the health care space, one of the most contentious legal issues for 2020 is a case that could determine liability for human trafficking in hotels. Courts will evaluate whether or not corporate involvement in this practice violates the law.

Other key legal issues include environmental concerns and voting rights. Both of these areas are under intense scrutiny.