Relationships – The People and Things in Our Lives That Connect Us

Relationships are the people and things in our lives that connect us. They are formed on a variety of bases, from trust and shared values to emotional bonds or physical attraction. Some relationships are temporary, like a summer fling, while others are long-term, such as a friendship or a marriage.

In healthy relationships, we learn from each other and grow as individuals. They can inspire us to take risks and chase after our dreams because we know that we can count on our significant other to support us no matter what. We also learn how to be a better partner by practicing communication skills with our significant other, such as listening and responding to their concerns.

Other kinds of relationships are casual “acquaintances.” These include people we see on a regular basis but don’t spend much time with beyond surface-level chats. Some of these acquaintances may be people we know from school, work, or the neighborhood. Others are people we have met at a social event or through friends.

People in a relationship are devoted to one another and often make sacrifices to be there for each other. They are dependable and always try to keep their promises. They show affection and care for each other by saying kind words, giving gifts, and spending time together. They communicate openly and honestly with each other, including about sex and intimacy for those in romantic relationships. They respect each other’s differences and are willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship.