The Benefits of Team Sport

Team sport

Millions of children and adults play team sport and the benefits extend beyond physical fitness. Team sports teach youngsters how to build and maintain positive social relationships. It’s important that young people learn this skill at a young age so they can carry it into adulthood.

Team sports also teach the value of commitment, training and achieving goals. Children learn the payoff from hard work and that there are no shortcuts. In addition, they learn that every person has a role on a team and that their performance influences the entire team. They can also learn that even when they make a mistake, it is not personal.

In a high-performing team, demonstrating a spirit of selflessness and a desire to achieve the common goal takes precedence over individual egoism and pride. Likewise, it is important for a coach to set clear rules that indicate that the team’s interest takes priority over the individual player. This is important in order to foster a sense of belonging in the team.

One of the best things about team sport is that it brings together a diverse group of individuals from all backgrounds, origins, religions and beliefs. This teaches youth that different cultures can be compatible and creates a unique way for adolescents to meet people outside of their immediate circle. It also provides a safe and supervised environment for adolescents to practice their communication skills. One great team building activity is to have the team take turns going through a blindfolded partner obstacle course.