The Concept of Technology


Generally speaking, technology is the application of science to create products or processes that meet requirements such as safety, utility, and usability. In the process, people must reason through constraints imposed by the circumstances in which they are using the technology.

The concept of technology can mean different things to different people. There are many fields of knowledge that are relevant to understanding technology.

Some technologies have broader remits than others. Examples include genetic technologies, nanotechnology, and chemical process technologies.

New technologies can have substantial societal impacts. These often raise new ethical issues. They also change social hierarchies and disrupt existing systems. They can result in pollution, and even harm individuals.

A recent philosophical debate has focused on the future use of technology in society. These discussions have evolved over the course of the past century. Some argue that technology improves the human condition, while others argue that it harms it.

A variety of international organizations play a role in the development of norms for new technologies. However, governments have difficulty agreeing on a reasonable process for defining such norms.

One of the most important challenges in global technology operation is coordination. This is required to maintain a global network like the Internet. In addition, global cooperation is needed to address sustainability challenges.

The relationship between technology and society first developed at the dawn of the human race. During the Middle Ages, technological progress was remarkable. During the Industrial Revolution, people had a positive attitude towards technology.