The Purpose of News


News is information about current events that are obtained through a variety of means such as word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, electronic communication and the testimony of observers and witnesses. The purpose of news is to inform the public about events in their local area, country or internationally. It may also help them make informed decisions.

Educating and Explaining

News provides analysis and interpretation of events, helping the audience to understand complex topics such as politics, science, economics and culture. It provides context, background information and expert opinions and perspectives to enable people to form their own informed opinions and make decisions.

Promoting Accountability

News media plays a vital role in holding individuals, organisations and governments accountable for their actions and decisions by reporting on corruption, scandals and unethical behaviour. It can also highlight issues that are affecting the community as a whole.

The lead is the first paragraph in a news story and is designed to draw the reader in and include many of the key facts. It is often written by the person who is writing the article and is known as a journalistic lede.

When creating a news story it is important to think about the five W’s – who, where, what, why and how. This will help you decide what the most important information is and how it should be presented. It is also important to know your audience so you can write in a way that appeals to them. If you are unsure who you are writing for ask yourself questions like what is your demographic, do they prefer an active or passive tone and how can I tell if this piece of news is relevant to them. Finally, always have someone else read your work. They will be able to spot spelling or grammatical errors that you might have overlooked.