What is Fashion?


Fashion is the latest fashion in clothing, hair, decorations or behaviour.

The word “fashion” can also be used as a verb meaning to make something into a particular form or outward appearance (Oxford Dictionaries).

A fashion is a type of popular dress, manner, or etiquette, usually considered to be the standard of the time. It is also often used to refer to a specific style or trend of a certain period, as in vogue, which denotes the temporary popularity of certain styles.

Fashion is a social phenomenon, meaning that it can be influenced by politics, economics, and technology, among other factors. Moreover, the media plays an important role in fashion.

The term “fashion” is derived from the Latin word factio, which means to make, mold, and form. It was first a verb, but it later became a noun, becoming faceon, fazon, or facon in Old French.


The etymology of the word fashion can be traced back to late antiquity. The earliest variants were in Latin, but eventually spread to Old French, with three different variations: fazon, faceon, and facon.

The word is most commonly associated with clothing, though it can also refer to any kind of popular attire. Initially, fashions were created by tailors and dressmakers; however, the fashion industry has become more dominant over the years. It has become a global business, and it is highly competitive. The fashion industry has been struggling over the past few years with a severe pandemic that has left the industry in turmoil. The industry needs to come together and work on the many challenges they face in the coming months.