What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a particular style, especially in clothing, hairstyles and jewelry. It may also refer to an entire look or trend, as in “fashionably.” Fashion is a way of expression, and it can be used to express individuality, attitude and even beliefs and values. It can be edgy and sexy or elegant and classic. Fashion is about being different and unique.

In general, fashion changes quickly. It can be influenced by new inventions, changes in technology and new discoveries in culture. Often, this change is driven by a desire for escapism and novelty. This can be a positive part of fashion, but it can also contribute to waste and over consumption.

Many fashion trends are based on previous styles that have become popular. This has resulted in a number of styles being deemed “out of fashion.” However, these styles can be expected to reappear in a cycle of fashion.

People who are fashionable are often viewed with respect by those around them. This can be a positive aspect of fashion, but it can also lead to a sense of elitism and excludes those who are not in fashion. In addition, fashion can also include gendered styles of dress that make it inappropriate to dress as anything other than a male or female.

A good article on fashion will have a strong point of view, whether it is pro-fashion or critical of it. It will also have original insights and ideas that readers don’t already know. This makes it more likely to engage and inspire people to take action.