What Is News?


News is the process by which an event becomes known. There are many kinds of news. Some are reported about famous people and their actions. Others are about violence or other unusual events.

During the twentieth century, television became an important medium for news. In the twenty-first century, the Internet has played a similar role. Today, social media networks have created new opportunities for automated news gathering.

Newsworthiness means that it is significant, interesting, unusual, and will impact readers. The news value of a story depends on how many people are affected and the level of interest in it. Generally, a more serious crime or loss of life creates more news value than a minor incident.

The news value of an event will also depend on its proximity to the reader. If it is in a city, it will have a bigger impact than if it is in a rural area.

Another factor that plays a big part in the news value of an event is the time it occurred. If the event happened weeks ago, the news will be less interesting. The same event may be more interesting if it is happening on the same day.

During the twentieth century, news film was a major part of the programming schedule for European and British cinema. Today, the line between the professional and the amateur has become blurred. The new technology has allowed companies to respond quickly to accusations and misstatements.