What Is Technology?


Technology is a term that can refer to both the artifacts created by human beings, as well as to methods of organizing society. Its origins lie in the Greek tehnikos, a combination of techne (craft) and logos (“saying”).

The word “technology” is often used to describe high-tech items such as computers or rockets. However, the concept of technology extends much further back than that, to our hominid ancestors’ controlled use of fire and other technological tools. Technological development is a process of creatively applying scientific knowledge to solving practical problems. It involves prioritizing different options for a desired end and then choosing the most efficient means to that end. Technology is not merely about creating new things, but rather about changing the world around us to match our desires and needs.

A large part of technology is communication. Humans rely on communication technologies such as phones, email or messaging apps to communicate with friends and family, to maintain contact with workmates and to get important business information across. Businesses utilize communication technologies to maximize productivity in the workplace, to keep customers informed about products and services, and to promote new initiatives or changes amongst employees.

Teachers can also integrate technology into the classroom to enable better communication between students and themselves, parents and caregivers, as well as with peers. By using online grading software, teachers can keep lines of communication open with their students and provide immediate feedback. Similarly, by providing students with tablets, they can take ownership of their learning and participate in activities that respect their individuality.