Writing About Fashion


Fashion Style: Well written

A person’s clothing is a powerful way to convey character. From the color of their hair to their shoe size, the clothes tell a lot about who a person is and how they see the world.

What a person wears can often reveal what group they are in, whether it’s the goths, skaters or preps. It can also be a way to separate people, creating stereotypes and distance between groups.

In a more general sense, fashion can refer to the latest trends in clothing and other accessories. It can also be used to describe styles of a past period, such as the 1960s or 1970s.

The word fashion is derived from the French term la mode (meaning style). It implies distinction and a preference for a distinctive way of dressing, behaving, writing or performing that is favored at a particular time or place.

It also reflects societal change, as in fashions influenced by the rise of the industrial revolution and the spread of democracy in the 19th century. In addition, changes in fashion are sometimes driven by the financial interests of designers and manufacturers.

Fashion diffusion occurs when new styles are introduced into the market and become popularized through advertising, retailing and social media. Generally, the diffusion of fashions is a bell-shaped curve with innovators creating the new styles, then leaders wearing them, and finally late adopters catching up with the trend.

When writing about clothes, it’s important to remember that colors, fabric texture, body shape of the model and design of the clothes should all be in balance. If one part of the outfit is out of proportion or unsymmetrical, it will not be attractive and will be hard to make the dress look good.